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Our Mission

Providing a natural healing alternative to existing health conditions by unlocking food sensitivities of people in Hong Kong through reliable blood tests at affordable prices. 

“It brings us tremendous joy to hear how your body and life have been transformed and healed!”

Our Story

Our founder, Cindy, is a foodie and good food brings her a lot of joy. She started suffering from constant abdominal pain for months and occasional breakout in rashes and digestive issues in 2014. After a thorough check-up at the hospital, she was told that everything seems fine, but the pain was persistent. Frustrated and desperate, she tried out a food sensitivity testing recommended by a friend whom described it as a transformational experience to her health and life in Hong Kong.

To her surprise, some of the foods Cindy learned that her body had abnormal reactions to, were foods that are considered to be healthy in general, for example, tomato, spinach, papaya and turkey, etc. After a couple months of ‘detox’ and natural healing through following a rotational diet, Cindy began to discover the linkage between certain foods and symptoms and she is thankful that she can now enjoy over 90% of the food that she was once sensitive to. 

Through her healing journey, Cindy recognized a need for better health in Hong Kong and a need for a natural healing alternative to improve health at an affordable price.