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The food sensitivity test was a life-changer for me! I found out that I am sensitive to certain foods such as gluten and broccoli, and I now have so much more energy and no more sinus issue! I realized that I will sneeze non-stop after eating just a little bit of broccoli, so this test definitely helps me identify the root cause. Who would have guessed broccoli can be bad for you? I will highly recommend this to anyone!

Wai Ming

I often had swollen lips after eating out which has affected my social life greatly as I was hesitate to dine out. I am very thankful to find out that I am severely sensitive to MSG and food colorings! Cindy also shared with me her experience with food journaling and rotational diet, which were very helpful tips. Knowing what is best for me to avoid, I can freely eat out with my family and friends now!


Free To Eat helped identified my food sensitivities (gluten is a major one!) which in turn gave me the power to turn my health around. Awareness is key! I’d highly recommended the test. The founder was patient in taking me through my results and recommended changes to my diet in smaller but measurable steps so that it was not too much of a shock to me as I love food. It was not easy to cut out food I love but the results helped encourage me to keep it up. My eczema and IBS left, energy level is up and I barely get sick!


I’d highly recommend this test to all – this is a journey of self-discovery, on both your body and diet. I have been suffering from bloating and intestinal discomfort for several years and my test result showed that I had strong reaction to Candida, and it seems best for me to stop eating some of my favorite foods (like bread!) for a while. I was very surprised to see the positive impact on my health in just a few days! And it turned out that cutting out certain foods I love was not as hard as I discover more alternative choices.


No doubt I am one of those whose life have been deeply impacted by the vision and help of Free To Eat. I have very sensitive stomach and was bothered by various stomach and digestive issues. After I became aware of my food sensitivities and followed a rotational diet, my health has improved so much within weeks! Thank you very much Free To Eat, I definitely recommend the test!

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